Superfish, Photoshop, and 80s tennis.

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Lenovo's Superfish malware: “quite possibly the single worst thing I have seen a manufacturer do to its customer base. … I cannot overstate how evil this is.”

Happy 25th, Photoshop: I first discovered Photoshop in 9th grade (1996), and spent hours creating dream landscapes and art. I never thought of it as a way to alter reality, but a way to create reality, and I remember admiring Photoshop artists. It's a pity that it's now known primarily as a tool to make girls (okay, men too) compare themselves to altered, retouched celebrities. Read the WaPo article »


Who doesn't love tennis and 80s portraiture?

2015 Summer Checklist - Washington, DC

2015 Summer Checklist - Washington, DC

What's missing from your social media strategy? The panic button.