On semantic information, OOP, and tagging

On semantic information, OOP, and tagging

So I had one of my infamous mind wanderings, thinking about semantic information and organization, and the much more mundane task of applying it to tagging.

Semantic information ≠ hierarchy

Then I realized - I keep trying to develop an object-oriented non-hierarchical framework of tags (attributes, if you will) for myself. You should see the mind maps and IA trees I made for this ten years ago. Suffice to say it wasn't a healthy endeavor, nor particularly successful.

But there is something to thinking of semantic information as objects... since my best metaphor for coding is as a human language. You have verbs, nouns, etc. The challenge is trying to fit it into a hierarchical model, like a site map. Because marketing can be an attribute of so many higher-order concepts, right?  

Then it hit me - why am I trying to model it hierarchically?

We have these fabulous things called database models with many-to-one or many-to-many relationships. And that's exactly what this exercise doesn't capture very well. I had been thinking of it at too granular a level. 

So, do I go ahead and model this framework? Or am I going too neurotic?

I'm eager to hear thoughts. I'm sure this isn't a new idea, so if you know of any existing models or frameworks around this, please share. 

Oh, and pay no attention to this post's tags. Right?

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